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     I am not exactly sure when I fell in love with canoeing.  I have canoed on and off for many years but, I didn't purchase my first canoe until the winter of 2005.  It has been two years now and now I own two (had to purchase a second one because I couldn't leave my family out).  Primarily, I paddle in Western Maryland, but occasionally I get the chance to travel in other places.  My aim here is not just to show off pictures of my paddling trips, but also to provide useful information for others who are looking to do some paddling in the Western Maryland Area.

My Old Town "Osprey"

Canoe, canoeing picture

To read about a trip, click on one of the following links below....
     -  December 30, 2006 on the Conococheague Creek
     -  Various canoeing pictures

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