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     There is so much out there in the world to see whether its hoofing it along a trail that is manmade, or trampling along in the woods somewhere...  Learning and exploring, or just taking in the scenery is something that I think goes back to when I was a child.  I will never forget my first memory hiking on a trail up in Caledonia State Park along the Appalachian trail with my father.  Thanks Dad!  I love to do a lot of things outdoors.  But hiking is the only way I get to just take it slow, and look around.  One hike I might just be taking in the old rustic manmade sites (like along the C&O canal), or keeping my eyes open looking for anything that I might come across.

Hike to the Paw Paw Tunnel on the C&O Canal on April 2006
Hike, hiking picture - Paw Paw TunnelHike, hiking picture - Paw Paw, WVHike, hiking picture
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