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     I love to fish.  Have for years.  My best friend and I could disappear from several hours or all night doing nothing but fishing.  My kids and wife even like to go every now and then.  There is magic in fishing... seriously.  The next time you go with someone, just watch them.  You can be cutting up and carrying on, kicking it around a little, or just playing around.  But watch someone's face as they hook a fish (doesn't even matter what size it is...), they go from what ever they are doing or what ever mood they are in to the seriousness of the moment.  There is a fish on the line and a mission of landing that fish has to be accomplished!  Every time this happens I witness a what ever the mood a facial expression change of determination to land the "big one".  It doesn't matter if its one of my children, my wife, my best friend, and I am sure of myself as well...

June 10, 2006 Family fishing trip...

Fishing - Smallmouth Bass - Potomac Riverfishing from canoe on the Potomac River

We only caught one keeper and it was a sunny...  Still had a lot of fun!

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